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Empowering Fortum's optimisation and trading performance follow-up with advanced analyticsSolutionRightAngleIcon

Advian announces partnership with DatabricksSolutionRightAngleIcon

Making data everyone's business: Breaking silos to maximise value creationSolutionRightAngleIcon

Migrating Elenia's customer and consumption data to DatahubSolutionRightAngleIcon

Cutting annual operational costs by 64 percent of a Finnish commercial bankSolutionRightAngleIcon

Reducing warranty costs of Valtra's tractors with Machine LearningSolutionRightAngleIcon

Improved district heating network and sustainability using AISolutionRightAngleIcon

Streamlining Turku Energia's customer connection process with Data ManagementSolutionRightAngleIcon

Fingrid Datahub & Advian – Converting the electricity industry accounting point data to DatahubSolutionRightAngleIcon

Automating Ukko’s receipts accounting with Machine LearningSolutionRightAngleIcon

Advian and Sharper Shape - to new heights with refined analyticsSolutionRightAngleIcon

Fortum, Advian and Gridjet improve the detection of district heating leaks using Artificial IntelligenceSolutionRightAngleIcon

Railway Infrastructure Maintenance Analysis using Satellite Data - Case VäyläSolutionRightAngleIcon

Advian and Fortum to pilot district heating network leak detection using satellite imagerySolutionRightAngleIcon

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Recipes of unfair competitive advantage for modern BI-leaders.

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