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Data Advisory

Dive deeper beneath the surface with us and maximise your business benefits.

Allow us to bring clarity to the vast sea of data

Our Data Advisory services

Data Game Plan

Data-driven business development to support business value creation.

We navigate between technology and business to find how to get the most fruitful and sustainable results from your data investments.

The end result is a Data Game Plan. Now you understand what needs to be done to make data-drivenness a reality.

Data Playbook

Grow your organisation’s data and analytics capabilities with our comprehensive Data Playbook.

The framework paves the way for a successful data governance and a cost-efficient, yet comprehensive way of working with data.

The Data Playbook provides detailed insights on how to seamlessly weave proper data handling and effective utilisation into your organisation's daily routine.

Data Advisor

Receive personal guidance and support to stay on track on your development.

Our experienced advisors are at your service to monitor the pulse of data management. And if necessary, guide you in the right direction.

You will gain a competitive advantage through data.

Meet our data experts

We navigate the waters between technology and business effortlessly. Our skilled team of data experts, with data-drivenness in their DNA, is at your service. Get to know our team.

Human-centred data expert and business designer who is passionate about supporting clients to solve real-world problems.
Nandita Wager
Delivery Lead
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Results-driven Ph.D. in Remote Sensing who understands the value of spatial data.
Joel Forsmoo
Data Scientist
Versatile software expert and problem solver whose superpower is to streamline processes.
Juha Kivi
Senior Data Engineer
Experienced data management professional who has worked with data, from reporting to data warehousing, and from advanced analytics to data flow management.
Eeva Randén
Lead Data Analyst

Strong IT and consulting background as well as extensive experience in the energy industry from various functions.

Tommi Peltomo
Senior Advisor

A versatile expert in network information systems, asset and spatial data management, as well as network data analytics.

Riikka Hakala
Data Engineer
A data virtuoso, with a background in diving deep into bathymetric data, sculpting insights from the depths.
Sanna Haapa
Data Analyst
International software expert with a passion for geography, data, and people.
Jens Kreier
Senior Software Architect
Facilitates everyday problem solving with artificial intelligence.
Nadir Bengana
Machine Learning Engineer

Highly skilled professional ready to excel in data analysis and data quality management.

Jaakko Viljakainen
Data Analyst
An expert in developing Machine Learning and automation system solutions for industrial applications.
Afshin Dini
Machine Learning Engineer

Hard-core data scientist whose results speak for themselves.

Matti Karppanen
Senior Data Scientist
Untitled (350 × 350 px) (400 × 400 px) (200 × 200 px) (300 × 300 px) (100 × 100 px) (800 × 600 px)
Software architect accustomed to working under pressure and capable of solving even the most impossible challenges.
Eero "Rambo" af Heurlin
Lead Technical Advisor
An inherently curious data professional with the mindset of a problem solver.
Petri Hirvonen
Senior Data Management Specialist
Business developer and innovator with over 20 years of experience in data-driven leadership.
Janne Honkonen
CEO, Founder
A consulting professional, for whom improving business efficiency with information management and analytics is a matter of heart.
Samu Paajanen
Senior Advisor, Partner
A strategic thinker and analytical problem-solver with 20 years of experience in geospatial data and IT solutions.
Laura Tuomikoski
Senior Advisor, Partner
International business builder and remote sensing expert.
Christoffer Winquist
Chief Commercial Officer
A talented data analyst with a unique blend of social sciences and data analysis skills.
Petteri Koivula
Data Analyst
A versatile data refinement expert with extensive experience in data processing, analytics, and designing data-driven applications.
Arsi Juote
Data Architect
A Quality Assurance Specialist with knowledge in a wide variety of different programming languages and development tools.
Sami Ikonen
Quality Assurance Specialist
Jonne Hirvonen_square

Jonne Hirvonen

Sales, Manufacturing

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Data Game Plan

– No consulting bullshit

In the era of endless growth opportunities and data, how can you choose the right battles?

We navigate between technology and business to find you the way to get the most fruitful and sustainable results from your data investments. As a result, you’ll get insights into your:

  • Current state
  • Target state
  • Development areas
Based on our BI maturity matrix, which helps to identify the crucial development areas and low hanging fruits, we'll deliver you a Data Game Plan for your entire organization or just a part of it.
/ Concrete, sensible and ready-to-use results.

Why your organization needs a Data Game Plan


Quick wins by identifying high-value development areas


An organized and prioritized development backlog enables:

  • Efficient use of resources
  • Right targeting of all data-related investments

A kickstart towards a data-driven culture

Data Playbook

– Setting the ground rules

With a Data Game Plan on hand, how do you successfully implement it in practice?

Our Data Playbook approach lies on data governance principles which we define as processes and practices that enable efficient documentation and usage of information.

We'll help you to grow your organisation’s data and analytics capabilities with our comprehensive Data Playbook framework that paves the way for a successful data governance and a cost-efficient yet comprehensive way of working with data.

/ Data Playbook = step-by-step approach for building a comprehensive data governance model

How a Data Playbook can help your organisation


Make systematically right decisions – based on the right data


Use resource efficiently – optimised
allocation of people and purchases


Remove unclarity about data – by documenting sources and master systems


Set priorities right – problem areas are made visible

Data Advisor as-a-Service

– Experts at your fingertips

How to ensure that business and data utilisation follows the desired course of development?

With our Data Advisor as-a-Service you'll get access to a team of experienced data professionals who will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and provide personalised guidance and support – saving time and resources.

/ Strong industry expertise and knowledge of best practices

Our experienced advisors are flexibly at your service according to your needs to monitor the pulse of data management. And if necessary, guide you in the right direction.

With the latest tools and technologies on hand, our experts can help you improve data quality, integrity, and accuracy.

What our experts bring to the table


Data-driven decisions and identified opportunities for growth


Keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in data management and analysis


Guidance on how to manage and make sense of complex data sets


Cultivate a data-driven mindset and culture leading to better decision-making at all levels of business

Advian team in 2022

Need an expert in your data team?


We have a wide range of experienced data professionals that hold a unique combination of skills in business design, data, AI, cloud and location intelligence.

Bring your data team to the next level with our Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Architects, Data Analysts, and ML Engineers.

Ready to become truly data driven?

Let us help you in bringing your organisation to the next level. We'll identify the most fruitful and sustainable investments and development areas, and guide you through your journey towards supreme information management.

– how we work
Book a meeting with our experts or request a quote.
We'll assess your needs and current state to propose a plan.
You will receive our offer and plan. The journey towards a truly data-driven business begins.

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