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Only goals and dreams
as limits

If you want to grow, develop, and enjoy your work, we at Advian are committed to making it possible – together.

Slash iconMore than a job.

We founded Advian so that you wouldn’t have to make decisions based on guesswork in a world full of data. We got frustrated to see how the big words such as AI, big data and advanced analytics were misused for forced sale of consultation hours.

If you are willing to work for common success, you will definitely get the recognition you deserve.

With us, the sky is not the limit - only our own goals and dreams.


Our values

Our values_Co-operation


A well-functioning team is more than the sum of its people. We will help each other unselfishly and accept help when it is offered: we share our expertise with everyone. We always listen to each other and give all we've got, so others can succeed. What does co-operation mean to us in practice? The whole team gets to develop Advian as a workplace by deciding on important matters together. Our experts support sales by being proactive. We share our skills and knowledge in the weekly Knowledge Sharing sessions. No one is left to work alone.

Our values_Courage


Courage does not require strength, it requires heart. For us, courage means sharing our honest thoughts with each other, bringing our skills and knowledge to the table and actively challenge our views – this is how innovations are born. We dare to challenge not only others’ thoughts but also our own. We do not fear to try new things. The success of our customers is highly important to us. We always share our ideas that will help them succeed and reach their goals. We don't settle for anything less – the easy way is not for us.

Our values_Commitment


Our goal is to be ”more than a job” to our people. At Advian, you don’t have to be anyone else, but yourself. We strive to have such a fruitful and enjoyable workplace that no one has to leave us any time soon. Being committed also means that we always take responsibility of our colleagues, not only ourselves. Everyone commits to the decisions we make together and we always give our input to make and keep Advian as a successful and enjoyable workplace for everyone.

We offer you this

Our employees are the most important and valuable asset we have. That's why we take extra good care of our Advians.

We offer you a team of expert colleagues, whose knowledge you will benefit from – whether you are a seasoned expert yourself or a young super star.


Truly flexible work

Work wherever and whenever you prefer, as long as you take your colleagues and customers into consideration – even from abroad. With our flextime model, you can plan your weeks without compromising your free time.


Tools needed to succeed

We provide you with a budget to purchase the tools you need to succeed in your work.


Salary model

Possibility to a flexible and an encouraging salary model with a base salary and additional provisions, so you can get an extra slice of your billable and R&D work.


Occupational healthcare

A comprehensive occupational healthcare, where your whole physical and mental wellbeing is taken into consideration.


Lunch benefit

Advian covers a share of your lunch expenses on every work day.


Sports, culture & wellbeing benefit

Advian covers a share of your sports, culture and wellbeing expenses.


Commuting benefit

Advian covers a share of your commuting expenses to and from the workplace.


Work ability insurance

A comprehensive work ability insurance covering any incidents affecting your ability to work, whether it happened during working hours or not.


Childcare services

Advian provides concrete help for a better work-life balance with childcare services. You can book a helper at any time through our external partner.

What is it like working at Advian?

What is it like working at Advian?

What (other than being data-driven and creatively mad) does it mean to work with us?

Who better to tell than co-Advians themselves. So that you do not have to buy a pig in a poke, we wrote a blog on the subject.

eNPS average_oct23-2

Influence your own work - every day

Advian was founded in early 2019. More than three years has now passed since then, and dozens of like-minded top experts have joined our journey.

For us, consensus means that taking the easy road is not our bread and butter. We Advians prefer to do things our way so that our customers can succeed, grow and thrive.We want our employees to grow, develop and succeed in their work. In order to do that, we always strive to create the best workplace - together.

That’s why we measure job satisfaction with the Employee Net Promoter Score every single month. On the left you can see past year's average score. We update the score every month.

Best of Advian

Best of Advian - TOP 5

1. The best thing are the top-class colleagues, that are professional and supportive, we also have an inspiring work community where everyone feels respected and heard.

2. The best thing about working at Advian is the freedom & flexibility: self-direction, investing in employees’ well-being and the possibility to work whenever & whenever you prefer.

3. The best thing is being your own leader & having the trust of your co-workers.

4. The best thing about working at Advian is the interesting projects and motivating vision of the future.

5. “For me, the best thing is the collaborative work environmentAdvian has great people with a lot of technical expertise, who provide support when needed and an environment where learning is encouraged.

Best regards,
Your future co-workers

Would you like to join us?

We shine in refined analytics, where we apply e.g. knowledge management, artificial intelligence, machine learning, edge analytics and location data.

We are always welcoming new talent to learn and grow with us. Typically, we introduce ourselves with the following titles: Advisor, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, or Data Architect.

Are we looking for you?

We highly value experience in consulting. Besides that, skills that make us jump from excitement include R, Machine Learning, Data Management, Python, Data Science, Location Intelligence, Machine Vision, as well as experience in developing customer experience. A big bonus is, if you’re also familiar with the industries of finance, energy, manufacturing, and/or the public sector.

You'll find all the current areas of expertise we are looking for in our Career portal.

We could be perfect for each other if...

💎 You have a passion for data.
💎 You are eager to continuously learn and develop together with the team.
💎 You are a self-driven person who thrives with the freedom and responsibility that the self-organized organization brings you.
💎 You know how to challenge others in such a stylish way that the opponent thinks they invented your idea.
💎 Your thinking is fueled by the competitiveness of our customers.
💎 You are also willing to take responsibility for your teammates, not just for yourself.
Go ahead and check out our open positions and apply     

Our projects

Automatic receipt accounting

Automatic receipts accounting

Advian automatised the accounting process of's customers’ receipts using Machine Learning.

#machinelearning #deeplearning #NLP

Streamlining customer process

Streamlining customer prosess

Turku Energia's customer process was made more efficient, reliable, and systematic with a Data Management solution.

#processdevelopment #azuredevelopment

Large scale data conversion project

Large scale data conversion project

We supported Fingrid in a large-scale data conversion project, where all Finnish electricity retail market actors switched to Datahub.

#changemanagement #dataanalytics #processdevelopment #multi-suppliercommunication

Leak detection using thermal images

Leak detection using thermal images

Advian's thermal imaging and AI analytics-based solution is able to find double the amount of confirmed leaks in Fortum's district heating network.

#AI #computervision #advancedanalytics #thermalortomosaic

Our recruitment process

Are you interested in Advian based on what you read?
Below you'll find our 6-step recruitment process, developed with the goal to always provide the best possible experience to every single candidate.

Discovering Advian

Discover us through social media or our website.


Apply through our career portal.

Phone Screening

Let's get to know each other better by phone.


Let's talk about your dreams and goals face to face or by video call.


Let's negotiate the details together.

The journey begins

Welcome to the team, you journey with Advian begins.

Any Questions?

 Ask us!

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