Optimised manufacturing processes
– from the factory floor to the cloud and beyond

Everything you need for running a world-class factory

Our services for manufacturers


Grow your organization’s data and analytics capabilities. We navigate between technology and business to find how to get the most fruitful and sustainable results from your data investments.


Boost your manufacturing performance. Finding a balance between productivity and efficiency will enable resource optimisation, lowered production costs and increased predictability.


Reach your sustainability goals with data and emerging technologies. Increase energy efficiency, reduce waste, and reuse materials without compromising on profitability or operational resilience.


Tailored solutions integrated to your business processes. Whether it's through AI, automation, data analytics, or other cutting-edge technologies, we'll help you succeed.

From 80% to 100%
– let's make your factory run on it's full potential


Building world-class factories require ambition and the right set of people and skills. We can make your factory run on its fullest potential and efficiency by utilising our strong industry expertise, deep understanding of the possibilities of refined analytics, and innovative solutions.

Your business case defines what we do and how. Only after comes finding appropriate technologies and solutions.

Our end-to-end system thinking and effective utilisation of sensor fusion and AI enable manufacturers to meet their goals.

With us you can: 

  • Capture the reality with the most suitable sensors for your business needs
  • Get insights of the rich sensor data in real time with machine vision, sensor fusion and machine learning
  • Control processes automatically, give guidance to users, or provide input to operational systems

Our approach to
optimised manufacturing

Obtain a view of the whole product cycle and optimise the lifecycle of your company's manufacturing systems, products and services – together we build sustainable solutions that last years to come.

Our approach to optimised manufacturing follows five steps.

1 Choose battles

In the era of endless growth opportunities and data, how can you choose the right battles? We navigate between technology and business and find the most fruitful and sustainable investments for your business and operations.

We start with a Data Game Plan.

2 Capture

Let's collect data from your manufacturing processes (energy usage, machine performance, production quality, etc.) with the most suitable sensors for the need (IoT sensors, cameras, PLC, etc.)

3 Harmonise & Visualise

We harmonise and standardise your operational
data. Only after comes choosing the t
echnology stack. You will get full visibility and transparency with data visualisation.

4 Analyse & Predict

The most effective AI capabilities to gain insights from real-time data. For example, to identify areas where energy is being wasted or predict how energy consumption should be optimised.

5 Control

By combining production data with data from MES, we enable end-to-end optimised manufacturing processes. We build intelligent and automated machine control.

Our areas of specialisation

We specialise in industries where high production quality is especially important. Automated quality assurance ensures high-quality product flow, reduces costs and enables the identification of issues early in the process, avoiding waste and re-work.


Enhance the quality of food with technology that reveals chemical compositions, detects foreign materials, improves food safety, and much more.


Streamline processes and level up quality assurance with emerging technologies, enabling the inspection of products in 3D and identifying material properties.

High-tech & Electronics

Guarantee high-quality products with technologies that make autonomous decisions and inspect 3D products and surfaces.

Why Advian?

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A unique combination of business design, data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing and Location intelligence skills. The average experience of our employees’ is 15+ years.



We are not just an IT company – We are your value-focused partner, from the factory floor to the cloud and beyond. We can also help you with hardware and electronics.



We focus on your competitiveness only, achieving tangible results with sustainable solutions.



As the world develops so should you. Our ambition to build world-class factories fuels our ability to innovate your entire operations.

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