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Quality Assurance

Improve quality by real-time data analysis, detect defects automatically, and spot slowly occurring changes. With Advian QualityAI, you can ensure the quality of manufactured products by leveraging machine learning, machine vision and sensors.


Production optimization

Increase your productivity by making the right decisions in real time and automating operations. Utilise machine learning and AI to find the most efficient production method and use of raw materials, and break data silos to focus on the entire product lifecycle.



Get better insights from the operations to reach your climate goals. With data, you can minimize the lifecycle impact and reduce waste. Lead change more effectively and utilize your data to the fullest – from design phase to production and all the way to delivery.

What is Advian EdgeAI?

Edge computing and AI near the service - where data is being collected. 

Advian EdgeAI is a modular solution built for multi-sensor, ultra performance, low latency scenarios with easy and efficient deployment, upgrade and scaling capabilities.

Smart Factory Discovery

Monetize the opportunities of IoT, Machine Vision, and AI.


The savings and benefits of AI and emerging technologies can be difficult to quantify. Advian's Smart Factory Discovery concept brings facts to the table to support your business case and prioritize development activities.

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