Our customers

Smart forerunners, who we have an honor to work with. Here are a few of them.


Improving the detection of district heating leaks using AI

Advian develops thermal data processing to enable a full heat map of the district heating area, as well as using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision technologies to differentiate district heating leaks from other naturally occurring warm features in the city.


Advian and Sharper Shape - to new heights with refined analytics

Sharper Shape is an international provider of automated drone and helicopter-based electrical network inspection services. Advian has been accelerating the company's strong growth from spring 2019 in various projects.

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Railway Infrastructure Maintenance Analysis using Satellite Data

Advian analyzed soft areas along the railway, where the embankment moves more than usual. Excessive movement of the track embankment increases the need for maintenance activities, and during a renovation, such areas need to be stabilized.

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Automating Ukko’s receipts accounting with Machine Learning

We streamlined the accounting of Ukko’s customers’ receipts using Machine Learning. The automatisation resulted in time and cost savings, as well as freed a team of accountants for other essential tasks.


Developing algorithms for 3D modelling and locating ground cables

We co-innovated new solutions with Caruna to collect ground cable location data and to store the exact location of the cable for future usage already during the installation phase, to enable efficiency and better quality in future maintenance activities.


Testing and developing the national Datahub project

Findgrid is shaping the clean, market-oriented power system of the future. We supported and guided Fingrid in a large-scale data conversion project, where all Finnish electricity retail market actors switched to Datahub.


Accurate multi-sensor positioning with Edge Analytics

We designed and piloted crucial parts of next generation railway access control system to Finrail.​ The goal of the pilot was real-time, interference-free and accurate positioning on the entire Finnish rail network. In the pilot, satellite positioning was supplemented with inertia and stereo camera sensors.


Detecting district heating leakages with satellite imagery

We analyzed Helen's district heating network leakages in the Helsinki area using satellite imagery.


Algorithms for customer potential analytics

The Pharmaceutical Information Centre produces medical information and data management services for organizations in healthcare and pharmaceutics. We built a new analytics solution based on machine learning techniques, which is now used in customer segmentation and analysis of customer potential in the sales of pharmaceutical products.

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