We are Advian – Your shortcut to success.

Gain an unfair competitive advantage with Refined Analytics solutions.

We develop your business and the supporting architecture to jointly utilize new opportunities created by location, data, and emerging technologies.

We founded Advian so that you wouldn’t have to make decisions based on guesswork in a world full of data. 

Our journey began in 2019, when a group of professionals got frustrated to see how the big words such as AI, big data and advanced analytics were misused for forced sale of consultation hours 

We are only interested in the success of your organization. We intend to only use relevant materials from the bottomless data silos, combine it with new data and together with location intelligence, build unfair competitive advantage. As our unbribable assistants, we use e.g. artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. 

On this page, you will find our team and our contact information. All email addresses are in the format firstname.lastname@advian.fi. 

Janne Honkonen
CEO, Founder

+358 400 494 492

Laura Tuomikoski
Senior Advisor, Partner

Samu Paajanen
Senior Advisor, Partner

Arsi Juote
Data Architect

Matti Karppanen
Data Scientist

Vincent Markiet
Data Scientist

Matias Andersson
Senior Data Analyst

Joni Kähärä
Technical Specialist

Eero "Rambo" af Heurlin
Lead Technical Advisor

Serena Kukkonen
Marketing Lead

Erica Holmqvist
Employer Brand & Employee Experience Coordinator

+358 50 410 9292

Tommi Peltomo
Senior Advisor

Heikki Ignatius
Junior Data Analyst

Priitta Vallivaara
Data Engineer

Jari Rahja
Senior Sales Executive

+358 50 501 6336

Pekka Jaarinen

Chris Winquist
Chief Growth Officer

+358 50 387 8670

Omar Hassan
Machine Learning Engineer

Lauri Lannetta
Data Engineer

Nina Lukkari
Senior Sales Executive

+358 40 048 5695

Lyydia Määttänen
Talent Acquisition Coordinator

+358 44 371 4710

Our pool of experts is growing all the time. In addition, we make efficient use of our partner network for deliveries. 

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Our Advisors

Olli Laine
Business Development Director @Vincit Oyj

+358 40 455 2610

Why Advian?


Location Intelligence & External Data

The greatest unexplored gold mines of modern business intelligence lie in location intelligence and external data. Get your hands on the treasure with us.


Expert in Edge and Real-time Analytics

Whether it is machine vision, video analytics, location intelligence or sensor fusion, we got you covered. Edge is often the only way to produce real-time analytics.


Real results, not just empty promises

With us, you will able to move fast towards your goals. We focus on the success of your business - not to the endless kneading of your data.


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