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Whether your goal is to develop Modern Business Intelligence, maximize the benefits of Advanced Analytics or to model a fit for purpose IT Architecture, you will find the solution and the expertise from us 



We develop your business and its architecture to jointly utilize the new opportunities created by location, data, and emerging technologies.



Unleash the full potential of your data. Scalable Data Platforms and AI based Machine Learning enable more precise and automated decision-making.


Unfair Competitive Advantage

Focus on the future – embed analytics into your business processes and level up your decision-making power with Advanced Analytics, AI and Extreme Data.

Boost Manufacturing Performance with Edge AI

Advian Smart Factory answers to major trends impacting the manufacturing industry - connectivity, intelligence and flexible automation.

Advian Smart Factory is based on Advian’s cutting edge AI engine, a computer independent, real time technology solution that enables to run most advanced analytics on the edge devices.

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Location Intelligence & External Data

The greatest unexplored gold mines of modern business intelligence lie in location intelligence and external data. Get your hands on the treasure with us.

Expert in Edge and Real-time Analytics

Whether it is machine vision, video analytics, location intelligence or sensor fusion, we got you covered. Edge is often the only way to produce real-time analytics.

Real results, not just empty promises

With us, you will able to move fast towards your goals. We focus on the success of your business – not to the endless kneading of your data.
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