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Whether your goal is to develop Modern Business Intelligence, maximize the benefits of Advanced Analytics or to model a fit for purpose IT Architecture, you will find the solution and the expertise from us.

Artificial Intelligence and Edge Analytics

Through Artificial Intelligence, we’ll help your organization to create truly intelligent processes. We’ll embed AI into your business processes and automate your decision making.

We will produce the models needed for

  • detecting deviations, such as frauds and defects
  • predicting events and trends
  • assessing risks
  • optimizations and simulations

by using advanced analytics techniques such as machine learning.

We will help you to utilize real-time IoT data in your business and enjoy the benefits to the fullest with the help of machine learning.

We will take your analytics to the edge – whether it is about video analytics, sensor fusion or machine learning, we got you covered.

Our offering also covers location intelligence, image and video analytics as well as text analytics solutions.

How Edge AI helps to generate better business

Location Intelligence

Let us help you realize the full potential of Location Intelligence. 

Our take on location data is that it should be found where the rest of your data is. Only then can location data be truly utilized in business processes.

Location Intelligence can be used, for example, to improve asset management, risk management or store location planning.

External Data Sources

We’ll identify the relevant external data sources for your business, whether they are open or commercial data sets, such as weather, traffic, satellite, demographic or company information.

We’ll make utilizing datasets easy for you. We’ll acquire, modify and combine external data with your internal data and embed it into your analytics solutions.

Download our guide External Data Sources in Analytics and learn how to embed external data into your existing processes.

Download the guide here

Data Platforms and Databases

We will design modern cloud-based data platforms and warehouses tailored to your specific needs – embedded with location intelligence.

We build traditional internal data source integrations (such as ERP and CRM data) as well as external data source integrations, such as location, BIM, lidar and drone datasets. We’ll verify the quality of your data and if necessary, enrich it with external data sources.

We’ll produce machine learning based decision-making made in a fraction of a second. Super speed decision-making can utilize massive amounts of historical and streaming data, collected from hundreds of sources.

We’ll integrate Kinetica Active Analytics into your BI and operative solutions through modern API-interfaces.

Learn more about Kinetica

Data Modelling

Business driven and scalable data model allows your organization to develop services and solutions that bring a competitive advantage - in an agile way.

We will design your data model from a business point of view, so that your data assets and business terminology are understandable both for the IT department and the top management.

Information Management

Get the most of your internal data with our master ja meta data management services - we will help you to gain a better understanding of your business and information systems.

When your data is in order and its quality high, you can utilize your internal data more efficiently and get the tools needed for "self-service" analytics. 


We are your hands-on sparring partner in data-driven business.

We’ll assess your business intelligence maturity and build a road map so you can reach the next level.

We want modern business intelligence to become an intrinsic part of your everyday business processes and decision making. 

If you don't have a data strategy yet, we will formulate one. If you already have a strategy, we'll fit refined analytics to support your current strategy.

This way you can shift your focus from what has already happened into predicting the future and optimizing your processes and daily activities. 


We’ll help you gain competitive advantage through intelligent service design and find new business opportunities from your data.

Also, we’ll help you to recognize the new possibilities brought by location intelligence. 


We will model the architecture required for your changing business.

We’ll find the technologies that are the best suited for your needs and find the perfect form for your processes through service design.

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Why Advian?


Location Intelligence & External Data

The greatest unexplored gold mines of modern business intelligence lie in location intelligence and external data. Get your hands on the treasure with us.


Expert in Edge and Real-time Analytics

Whether it is machine vision, video analytics, location intelligence or sensor fusion, we got you covered. Edge is often the only way to produce real-time analytics.


Real results, not just empty promises

With us, you will able to move fast towards your goals. We focus on the success of your business – not to the endless kneading of your data.

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