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Research & Development

Increase the intelligence of your products and improve your R&D processes.

Whether you need a technical team to build a solution​ or an individual expert (data scientist, project manager) to an existing team​, we are here to help.

Our consultants support your Edge R&D efforts from initial design decisions to MLops and beyond. Our superb team is dedicated to solving your toughest problems relating to Edge AI and its many specialty areas - such as machine vision and cameras, machine learning model development, and edge data capture. In addition, we provide turn-key projects aligned with your R&D roadmap and objectives.

Meet our experts

Software architect accustomed to working under pressure and capable of solving even the most impossible challenges.
Eero "Rambo" af Heurlin
Lead Technical Advisor
An expert in developing Machine Learning and automation system solutions for industrial applications.
Afshin Dini
Machine Learning Engineer

Hard-core data scientist whose results speak for themselves.

Matti Karppanen
Senior Data Scientist
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Human-centred data expert and business designer who is passionate about supporting clients to solve real-world problems.
Nandita Wager
Delivery Lead
Untitled (350 × 350 px) (400 × 400 px) (200 × 200 px) (300 × 300 px) (100 × 100 px) (800 × 600 px) (4)
Results-driven Ph.D. in Remote Sensing who understands the value of spatial data.
Joel Forsmoo
Data Scientist
Versatile software expert and problem solver whose superpower is to streamline processes.
Juha Kivi
Senior Data Engineer
Experienced data management professional who has worked with data, from reporting to data warehousing, and from advanced analytics to data flow management.
Eeva Randén
Lead Data Analyst

Strong IT and consulting background as well as extensive experience in the energy industry from various functions.

Tommi Peltomo
Senior Advisor

A versatile expert in network information systems, asset and spatial data management, as well as network data analytics.

Riikka Hakala
Data Engineer
A data wizard with a passion towards the energy sector.
Konsta Ruokosuo
Data Scientist
A data virtuoso, with a background in diving deep into bathymetric data, sculpting insights from the depths.
Sanna Haapa
Data Analyst
International software expert with a passion for geography, data, and people.
Jens Kreier
Senior Software Architect
Facilitates everyday problem solving with artificial intelligence.
Nadir Bengana
Machine Learning Engineer

Highly skilled professional ready to excel in data analysis and data quality management.

Jaakko Viljakainen
Data Analyst
An inherently curious data professional with the mindset of a problem solver.
Petri Hirvonen
Senior Data Management Specialist
A data manipulator that easily jumps into the most impossible situations and can manage a number of different tools.
Hieu Bui
Data Engineer
Business developer and innovator with over 20 years of experience in data-driven leadership.
Janne Honkonen
CEO, Founder
A consulting professional, for whom improving business efficiency with information management and analytics is a matter of heart.
Samu Paajanen
Senior Advisor, Partner
A strategic thinker and analytical problem-solver with 20 years of experience in geospatial data and IT solutions.
Laura Tuomikoski
Senior Advisor, Partner
International business builder and remote sensing expert.
Christoffer Winquist
Chief Commercial Officer
A talented data analyst with a unique blend of social sciences and data analysis skills.
Petteri Koivula
Data Analyst
A versatile data refinement expert with extensive experience in data processing, analytics, and designing data-driven applications.
Arsi Juote
Data Architect
A Quality Assurance Specialist with knowledge in a wide variety of different programming languages and development tools.
Sami Ikonen
Quality Assurance Specialist
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Design and Architecture consultation

One size does not fit all. Design principles need to fit business models, technology choices, and other constraints to fulfill the requirements.

Research and development processes typically take time and the more you can accelerate activities the bigger the business payback will be. There’s not one architecture that would fit all use cases similarly. Industrial edge solutions are inherently rather complex combinations of different elements such as sensor hardware, drivers, messaging, processing algorithms, ML models, and business applications. Keeping the stack simple, efficient yet powerful is the key to long-term success. We can support your edge R&D efforts from initial design decisions to MLops and beyond.

Design and Architecture consultation

Special expertise

We have deep knowledge and understanding of Edge AI and its many specialty areas.

Whether your challenge is about machine learning or machine vision, or selecting the right technology or hardware, we can help. You can utilize our expertise e.g., in the following areas:

  • Machine vision and cameras (infra-red, hyperspectral, stereo)
  • Edge data capture, low latency processing and sensor fusion
  • Machine learning model development
  • MLOps and continuous development

Our values_Commitment

From Idea to Prototype or Prototype-to-Production

We provide turn-key projects aligned with your R&D roadmap and objectives.

New product development processes have different stages from early prototyping and proving solution feasibility to creating market-ready scalable products. In parallel with the product development process, product management is crucial - a full packaged solution can be a combination of multiple functional components where Edge AI alone might be a small but vital component. Advian can act as an extension to your R&D capacity delivering Edge AI modules to your full product portfolio. We want to succeed with you and understand your objectives, scope, and processes so delivery can be fitted to your processes.

Learn more about our projects

Sharper Shape

Advian and Sharper Shape - to new heights with refined analytics.Sharper Shape is an international provider of automated drone and helicopter-based electrical network inspection services. Advian has been accelerating the company's strong growth from spring 2019 in various projects.

Read more


Sharper shape reference-1


Railway Infrastructure Maintenance Analysis using Satellite Data. Advian analyzed soft areas along the railway, where the embankment moves more than usual. Excessive movement of the track embankment increases the need for maintenance activities, and during a renovation, such areas need to be stabilized.

Read more

Väylävirasto reference-1


Reducing tractors warranty costs with Machine Learning. As a major part of their product development process, Valtra the leading tractor manufacturer in the Nordics, wanted to cut field costs related to tractor warranty claims. We at Advian responded with a Machine Learning solution, that gives Valtra a part-by-part prediction of warranty costs.

Read more

Valtra reference-2


Improving the detection of district heating leaks using AI. Advian develops thermal data processing to enable a full heat map of the district heating area, as well as using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision technologies to differentiate district heating leaks from other naturally occurring warm features in the city.

Read more

Fortum DHL reference-1

Automating receipts accounting with Machine Learning. We streamlined the accounting of Ukko’s customers’ receipts using Machine Learning. The automatisation resulted in time and cost savings, as well as freed a team of accountants for other essential tasks.

Read more

Ukko reference-1

Turku Energia

Streamlining customer connection process with Data Management. The connection process of Turku Energia’s new customers to their district heating system was made more efficient, reliable, and systematic. The renewed process adds transparency and saves time, costs, and improves the quality of their services.

Read more

Turku Energia reference-2


Migrating customer and consumption data to Datahub. Along with the implementation of Datahub, all sellers and distributors of electricity were required to deliver customer and consumption data to Fingrid. We supported Elenia in the migration of data including data quality assurance, data analysis and ensuring system operations.

Read more

Elenia reference-1


Testing and developing the national Datahub project. Fingrid is shaping the clean, market-oriented power system of the future. We supported and guided Fingrid in a large-scale data conversion project, where all Finnish electricity retail market actors switched to Datahub.

Read more

Fingrid reference-1


Algorithms for customer potential analytics. The Pharmaceutical Information Centre produces medical information and data management services for organizations in healthcare and pharmaceutics. We built a machine-learning based analytics solution used for customer segmentation and analysis in the sales of pharmaceutical products.

Lääketietokeskus reference-1


Detecting district heating leakages with satellite imagery. We analyzed Helen's district heating network leakages in the Helsinki area using satellite imagery.

Helen reference-1


Accurate multi-sensor positioning with Edge Analytics. We designed and piloted crucial parts of next generation railway access control system to Fintraffic.​ The goal of the pilot was real-time, interference-free and accurate positioning on the entire Finnish rail network. In the pilot, satellite positioning was supplemented with inertia and stereo camera sensors.

Picture: Fintraffic

Fintraffic reference-1


Advian has supported Fortum’s Nordic trading and asset optimisation unit (TAO) during 2022-2023 in their data and analytics development. With the help of reformed reporting and KPIs, Fortum is now able to assess their trading performance against the market, and use supporting analytics tools to get better optimisation results in the future.

Read more

Fortum reference-2


Developing algorithms for 3D modelling and locating ground cables. We co-innovated new solutions with Caruna to collect ground cable location data and to store the exact location of the cable for future usage already during the installation phase, to enable efficiency and better quality in future maintenance activities.

Picture: Caruna


Caruna reference-1
Advian helped us to in matter of couple of months turn a manual process into automated and thereby save us significant costs.
We succeeded with the project by working together.
Working together with Advian has been smooth and straightforward, leaving the customer feeling good.
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Jonne Hirvonen | Sales Lead

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Empowering Fortum's optimisation and trading performance follow-up with advanced analytics

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Tommi Peltomo | Senior Advisor