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Energy and Utilities

Staying ahead of the curve
– accelerate network performance

Everything you need for world-class networks

Our services for energy and utility providers

Data Advisory

Grow your organization’s data and analytics capabilities. We navigate between technology and business to find how to get the most fruitful and sustainable results from your data investments.

Smart Grid

Accelerate your network performance. Our approach to Smart Grids is based on AI and emerging technologies, enabling maximised energy efficiency, preventive grid maintenance, and a optimised and digitised network.

Tailored solutions

Tailored solutions integrated to your business processes. Whether it's through AI, automation, data analytics, or other cutting-edge technologies, we'll help you succeed.

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Christoffer Winquist

Sales Executive,
Energy & Utilities

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Let's embrace the digital together
– for resilient and efficient networks

Energy and utility companies are rapidly embracing digitalization and advanced technologies. Many operators have efficient solutions for various functions, both in production optimization and maintenance planning. A lot of experimentation (pilots and PoCs) is conducted to find more efficient solutions. However, these solutions are often fragmented, and the deployment into production becomes a stumbling block.

To achieve a Smart Grid, these fragmented function-specific solutions need to be integrated together.

Building world-class networks require ambition and the right set of people and skills. Let's embrace the digital together with our strong industry expertise, deep understanding of the possibilities of refined analytics, and innovative solutions.

Your business case defines what we do and how. Only after comes finding appropriate technologies and solutions.

Our approach to digitalisation

By obtaining a view of the whole product cycle and by optimising the lifecycle of your company's manufacturing systems, products and services - we build together sustainable solutions that last years to come.

This is done by following our five-step approach to optimized manufacturing.

1 Choose battles

In the era of endless growth opportunities and data, how can you choose the right battles? We navigate between technology and business and find the most fruitful and sustainable investments for your manufacturing company.

2 Capture

Let's collect data from your manufacturing processes (energy usage, machine performance, production quality, etc.) with the most suitable sensors for the need (IoT sensors, cameras, PLC, etc.)

3 Harmonize & Visualize

Technology stack chosen after the manufacturing data is harmonized and standardized, not before. We enable you full visibility / transparency with data visualization.

4 Analyze & Predict

We utilize machine learning to analyze the manufacturing data to identify areas where energy is being wasted or give predictions how energy consumption could be optimized in real-time.

5 Control

We combine production data with data from MES to enable end-to-end manufacturing optimization. We build intelligent and automated machine control.

Why Advian?

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A unique combination of business design, data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing and Location intelligence skills. The average experience of our employees’ is 15+ years.



We focus on your competitiveness only, achieving tangible results with sustainable solutions.



As the world advances so should you. Our ambition to develop world-class networks fuels our ability to innovate your entire operations.

Our solution for energy and utility providers: Groundhawk
Groundhawk device in hand

A faster and more cost-efficient way to document the location of underground cables.

Groundhawk revolutionizes documenting the exact locations of electrical and telecommunications cables in underground contracting. 

Using the device does not require any previous measurement skills. The contractors who are already on-site can perform the measurements. Since the information is delivered immediately, the project documentation can also be completed right after the actual construction is ready. 

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