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Sustainable manufacturing

Reach your sustainability goals with data and emerging technologies

Towards carbon neutrality and zero waste

Our sustainability solutions

Taking care of the planet we live in is not only a responsible act – it is a prerequisite

Energy consumption optimization

End-to-end system thinking, effective utilisation of sensor fusion, and AI enable manufacturers to drive sustainable initiatives, such as increased energy efficiency, without compromising on profitability or operational resilience.

Waste reduction

Opportunities enabled by emerging technologies and advanced analytics transform existing processes to more automated and intelligent.

Full transparency of your production enables waste reduction and cost cutting.

Material reuse

Achieve a closed-loop system by identifying your waste and recycling materials' chemical composition and reuse them in your production.

Hypersepctral imaging and Edge AI enable precise, fast and contactless identification and classification of materials.

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Our approach

1. Sustainable manufacturing
Optimized processes minimize negative environmental impacts; conserve energy and natural resources. Enhance employee, community, and product safety.
2. Optimization of production processes and techniques

Optimized production methods and operations by continuously improving performance. Gain better production quality control with fewer production steps. Utilize manufacturing innovations like IOT, automatization, 3D print. Lower production and labor costs and improve efficiency.

3. Increased energy efficiency

Low, clean and renewable energy consumption. Optimize energy use in production.

4. Producing less pollution, emission and waste
Lower waste disposal costs. Build cleaner and safer working environments.
5. Industrial symbioses
Industrial symbiosis emulate sustainable natural cycles in industrial networks, where all discarded materials from one are resources for others to use. Prototype "Industry 4.0” production systems with new manufacturing setup.
6. Design for remanufacturing
Disassemble outcomes into useful parts that can be directly reused in another product. Gain improvement around assembly, reparability, refurbishment and disassembly.
Meet the demands of green transition and maintain profitability

We help you achieve your climate goals with the help of data and advanced technology. We are particularly good at optimizing energy consumption, reducing waste and reusing materials.

Energy consumption optimisation

Increase energy efficiency

Unleash the power of end-to-end system thinking, AI and effective utilisation of sensor fusion

End-to-end system thinking, effective utilisation of sensor fusion, and AI enable manufacturers to drive sustainable manufacturing initiatives, such as increased energy efficiency and optimised energy consumption, without compromising on profitability.

Our goal is to help you find a steady balance between manufacturing productivity and efficiency. We believe that energy efficiency lies on three key pillars:

/ people, technology and processes

Extensive use of data


Wide data collection: OT devices, MES, people skills


Harmonized and standardized operational data


Intelligent industrial automation and process control

Waste reduction

Enable waste reduction with full transparency

All forms of waste go unnoticed without full transparency.

Waste exists in multiple forms; materials used in manufacturing, excess work due to mistakes, idling in logistics or poor product quality affecting end-customer operations. Opportunities enabled by emerging technologies and advanced analytics transform existing processes to more automated and intelligent. Reducing or removing defects caused by human mistakes or missing control points can eliminate waste created in the operations.

/ Capture, get insights and control

Our waste reduction solution is based on capturing the reality with the most suitable sensors – camera, 3D, hyperspectral, microwave, or ultrasound. The rich sensor data is used to gain real-time insights with machine vision, sensor fusion and machine learning. This enables you to finding root-causes of quality defects, controlling processes automatically, guiding users, and providing input to operational systems.

How emerging technologies eliminate waste


Reduce waste, rework and customer returns with a better understanding of the production


Detect production quality issues early in the process to avoid waste and unnecessary costs


Make waste visible with full transparency


Avoid unnecessary energy use and material costs by optimising material consumption

Material reuse

Achieve a closed-loop system

Identify materials' chemical composition to reuse them in your production.

Each material reacts differently with light. It results in a unique individual ‘fingerprint’ called a spectral signature.

Our solution takes advantage of hyperspectral imaging technology which can reveal what is invisible to the human eye. Together with Edge AI, you'll gain valuable insights of the materials of your products for reuse purposes.

The solution is installed alongside a production line or on a moving vehicle, and enables real-time advanced analytics with minimal latency.

How hyperspectral imaging enables material reuse


Improved material reuse with better understanding of materials' chemical composition


Precise and fast identification of waste and recycling materials


Hyperspectral imaging is non-destructive and contactless, whereas many traditional technologies use destructive methods to find chemical properties

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Gaining better insights from your operations can help you reach your climate goals.

Most manufacturers have already taken carbon neutrality and sustainable operations as key strategic initiatives.

Sustainability will not only become a competitive advantage but a prerequisite from customers in order to engage in business relationships.

Data insights and emerging technologies, such as Edge AI, can assist on the path towards carbon neutrality.


Let us help you reach your sustainability goals

Our goal is to help you on your journey towards carbon neutrality and zero waste without compromising on profitability or operational resilience.

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