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Hyperspectral Imaging

Learn what Hyperspectral Imaging is, how it works, and how Hyperspectral Imaging and AI can boost your quality and drastically reduce quality costs.


Intelligent Safety

Learn how video-assisted Edge AI can significantly improve accident prevention and which Edge AI use cases may benefit your organization.


Smart Factory

Learn how Edge AI revolutionizes quality inspection by allowing you to reduce quality control efforts and operational costs exponentially.

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Retail Analytics

Learn how video-assisted Edge AI is about to revolutionize retail customer analytics and how you can start you Edge AI journey today.


External Data

External data holds one of the largest unexplored gold mines in modern business intelligence. How to get your hands on the treasure?


Edge AI

How does Edge AI work, what is it good for and why you should be interested? What can we expect from the future and how to get started?

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A brochure about Groundhawk-innovation. It documents the exact location of underground cables in an instant.


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Reducing warranty costs of Valtra's tractors with Machine Learning

As a major part of their product development process, Valtra needed to cut field costs related to tractor warranty claims. Advian responded with a...

Improved district heating network and sustainability using AI

Fortum leverages thermal imaging and advanced analytics for leak detection   With a thermal imaging and AI analytics-based solution, Fortum is now...

Streamlining Turku Energia's customer connection process with Data Management

The connection process of Turku Energia’s new customers to their district heating system was made more efficient, reliable, and systematic with a...