Advian leads the way in Additive Manufacturing post-processing automation - participates in the €3.9 million AMAze project

The AMAze project, with a budget of €3.9 million, endeavors to enhance Additive Manufacturing (AM) facilities' production capacity. It aims to achieve this by pioneering innovative solutions in post-process automation, quality control automation, part traceability, and data management.

As Additive Manufacturing transitions from individual printers to production lines and printer farms, the role of software and automated solutions becomes increasingly significant. While various automation solutions exist for the production and printing phases, post-processing automation remains an unaddressed area.

Advian is seizing this opportunity by participating the AMAze project (Additive Manufacturing Post-processing Automation). The project aims to introduce pioneering Finnish solutions to the global market.

In the Western industrial landscape, staying competitive calls for the adoption of smart manufacturing solutions, but they can be a costly and complex puzzle. To address labor shortages, automation is a necessity, and machines are becoming increasingly intelligent.

"We have harnessed the power of machine learning and deep learning and compiled a library of pre-trained models, making complex tasks more accessible than ever. With the ability to configure and use the platform to the specific needs, our solution is a game-changer for manufacturers seeking to optimise their operations – also in post-processing automation. The AMAze project is boosting us to turn these possibilities into reality.Janne Honkonen, CEO of Advian Software Oy comments.

The urgent need for an advanced industrial-scale solutions

Currently, there's a scarcity of companies specializing in post-processing technologies, typically focusing on specific stages like print dyeing. Moreover, existing solutions aren't suitable for industrial-scale production due to size constraints and the absence of multi-stage, fully automated options. There's a pronounced demand for advanced software systems, powder removal solutions, and a fusion of multiple automation methods.

Advian among the key players in the industry

Key players in the project include Valmet, renowned for process technology and automation in the pulp, paper, and energy sectors; 3D Formtech, specializing in industrial plastic and metal components; Materflow, an industrial component manufacturer of 3D-printed parts; Advian Software Oy, a software company developing a modular Edge AI platform and Edge AI applications for industrial use; and Fastems Oy, a leading CNC automation solutions provider. Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) is researching automation and data solutions in post-processing for AM while prioritizing environmentally sustainable powder removal methods.

Financed by Business Finland and participating companies, this two-year endeavor is part of the FAME Ecosystem initiative, which unites organizations across the Additive Manufacturing value chain.

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