TOP 3 of 2022

With only a few days left of 2022, it's time to look in the rear-view mirror and reflect on the successes we've had together. So bring your leftover Christmas ham and gingerbread cookies and let's dive into our top picks of the year!


1. Co-Advians

This year, our top pick couldn't be anything else than our very own co-advians. Over and over again we choose each other as the top reason to work at Advian. Co-Advians have been a dominating factor behind our high employee satisfaction scores this year.

It's safe to say that at Advian we care for each other and enjoy working together – through thick and thin! Here are some open comment feedbacks from our eNPS survey:

Quoting Co-Advians


“Co-Advians always make me feel better”

"Having such skillful colleagues is a blast!”

“The best thing about working at Advian are the top-class colleagues, that are professional and supportive, we also have an inspiring work community where everyone feels respected and heard.”


TOP 1_Co-Advians

In the light of numbers, we welcomed 13 new co-Advians, increasing our language library to 15 languages spoken, and together we’ve organised 10 events, either in committees or our cells. Some of them were Valentines day, Shrove day, Game Night, Easter brunch and egg hunt, Badminton tournament, Summer & Christmas Party.Co-Advians in 2022

Want to join us?

Check out our Career Portal, if there is an open position that suits you.

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2. Cutting 64% of a Finnish commercial bank's annual operational costs

The second pick of 2022, is our success story at a Finnish commercial bank where we were able to design and implement a total renovation of the bank's GIS platform architecture, leading to a dramatic drop of -64% of the GIS platform's annual costs.

At the core of the solution was a migration to a serverless cloud architecture which uses open source solutions and open data, and is maintained by a state-of-the-art DevOps robot.

Cutting continuous operational costs💡 If you're interest, we wrote a case study, where you can learn how exactly this was achieved.


What's more, this year we've taken part in 38 other projects and grown with +20% from last year. That's the fourth year in a row with tremendous growth!

We've written and posted success stories from other projects on our blog that you might find interesting:


3. Groundhawk – precise cable mapping in seconds

The third pick of this year is our very own innovation for precise mapping of underground cables, Groundhawk, that has taken a big leap. In September, we launched a brand new website dedicated to Groundhawk and its users.

Groundhawk in numbers 2022With Groundhawk, our users have now mapped over 300,000 meters of cable trench, and on top of that there has been over 10,000 individual mappings conducted. Way to go!


Thank you for this year and Happy New Year 2023! 🎉


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