Migrating Elenia's customer and consumption data to Datahub

Along with the implementation of Datahub, all sellers and distributors of electricity including Elenia were required to deliver customer and consumption data to Fingrid. With a set schedule and limited resources, Advian's team supported Elenia in the migration of data including data quality assurance, data analysis and ensuring system operations to complete the migration on time.


In the large-scale project of implementing the information exchange system Datahub in the whole electricity retail market, every seller and distributor of electricity had to deliver customer and consumption data to the transmission system operator Fingrid. For example data on contracts, connections and basic customer data. With such high volumes of data at hand, Elenia's team's capacity to complete the migration was slim.

On a short notice, Advian's team offered their help and industry expertise to complete the data migration on schedule. At the core of the project was the migration of data to the validation portal called Titta that finally transferred all the data to Datahub. For a successful migration, the team was required to export the data from the source system, review, validate and correct the data, and then import it to Titta.


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Juha Kivi, Advian's Senior Data Engineer, concludes that the project largely revolved around data analysis, quality assurance, and ensuring system operations:


"Elenia was in for a large data migration, and it was clear that another pair of helping hands on an operational level and industry specific knowledge were needed. Proper data analysis and quality assurance was essential for a smooth transition to Datahub" – Juha


The team was happy to help out since the project strengthened Advian's sector-specific competence and comprehension of the processes and solutions typical in the utilities industry and in Datahub as well.


What is Datahub?


Datahub is a centralised information exchange system for the electricity retail market that was introduced in Finland in February 2022. Datahub stores data related to the place of electricity use, such as customer and consumption data.

Advian has been supporting Fingrid Datahub Oy, Finland's transmission system operator, in the implementation of the Datahub from late 2020, and been involved in planning concrete improvements for the data validation portal Titta. 

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cropped-logo-pysty-somejakoihinElenia is the second largest distribution system operator in Finland. It provides services to 435,000customers in more than 100 municipalities in Kanta-Häme and Päijät-Häme, Pirkanmaa, Central Finland, South Ostrobothnia and North Ostrobothnia. Elenia’s service business provides customer service and diverse services related to the electricity market to energy companies, takes care of Elenia’s procurements and construction contracting and builds the fibre-optic network and its connections.


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