Tommi Peltomo | Senior Advisor

Tommi Peltomo | Senior Advisor

Tommi has a strong IT and consulting background as well as extensive experience in the energy industry from various functions.

Tommi is an expert in reporting & analytics solutions for the Utilities Industry. He has long experience in change management, from strategic planning to development programs and projects. Everything must start with understanding the customer's starting point and needs. Tommi also speaks in favour of long-term strategic thinking: every project in business intelligent, small or large, must be done carefully. Only a permanent change in the way the company operates will generate efficiency and added value for the company's customers.

In his free time, Tommi is an eager football player, spectator, and analyst. In the summer, the best things to do with the family are cycling and orienteering in the beautiful scenery of Tampere - and in the winter, down hill skiing. Tommi's favorite teams are blue-green: Tampere United and Seattle Seahawks.

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