Hieu Bui | Data Engineer

Hieu Bui | Data Engineer

A data manipulator that easily jumps into the most impossible situations and can manage a number of different tools.

Hieu is a Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in IT who has been doing data consulting since the very beginning of his career. Hieu likes challenges, and through challenges, he has developed great problem-solving skills. Hieu is an innovative data manipulator that can utilize and improve data quality. As a co-worker, Hieu is efficient, flexible, and helpful. Hieu values a good team spirit at a workplace and will increase Advians team spirit with his own contribution.

In his free time, Hieu enjoys being outdoors and playing ball sports. He has played football for a long time, and therefore his teamwork skills have developed over the years. As for Hieu’s weaknesses, his dog and sweets are his biggest ones.

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