Location Intelligence Innovation -workshop

80% of all data is related to location. With the help of location data, you can significantly increase the efficiency of e.g. asset management, retail location planning or risk management - also as part of your business processes.
Maybe you're already able to see the potentials of location intelligence for your business, but can't yet outline concrete ways to leverage it or prioritise the development work?
Good. This workshop is just for you.

As a result of the Location Intelligence Innovation -workshop, you'll get a concrete and reasoned insight into the most fruitful development targets in location intelligence.

The findings of the workshop will give you a head start towards gaining an unfair competitive advantage.

We'll find out

Current state

What are we doing now with location intelligence? What have we achieved?


How have we done it? What solutions and data are available now?


What are our goals? What can we achieve by bringing location intelligence into knowledge management?


How do we achieve our goals? What is the best way to implement the solution?

How it works

In the core of the solution is a half-day workshop, but the collaboration begins with careful preparation and ends with dismantling the findings and making concrete recommendations.


We'll interview your

  • business expert
  • system specialist
  • data architect

We'll then refine the objectives, limitations and agenda of the workshop.

During the workshop

Preliminary agenda for the workshop:

  1. Inspirational speech - examples from us and the world
  2. Business stage
    • Current state
    • Brainstorming
    • Prioritising
  3. Technical stage
    • Current state, solutions, data
    • Technical prioritisation


We'll deliver to you

  • a description of the course of the workshop
  • our perception of the current state
  • our proposal for immediate action
  • a roadmap for further development.

Who is the workshop for?


The workshop is particularly well-suited for organizations that have come a long way in knowledge management, but do not yet utilize location data in their analytics.

If your title is, say, CDO, CIO, Head of Data, or Head of Analytics, we’ll most likely get to discuss the right kind of challenges and how to solve them.

If you didn't identify yourself or your organization as described above, no worries. Let’s discuss and see where the data shoe pinches and whether we can help you.

I want to know more!

Book a 30-minute meeting below with our experts. We'll answer your open questions and map out your situation before making a final decision on cooperation, without any ties of course.