How Advian was born

 It all started with orienteering.

A six-year-old had an eye-opening experience in the forest with his father: you can determine your location with the help of a map and a compass. The epiphany felt shocking. It is a big thing to understand where you are in the universe, because then you also know, which way to head in order to get to your destination.

Over the years, the idea has grown larger than location data itself: the more variables that can be collected, and the more skillful the analysis of their relationships, the easier it is to predict the future. Once the weather is determined, it is possible to assess how winds or rain will affect the pace. The length of your legs provide information on how big leaps you can take.

The world is bulging with interactions of things, everything affects everything. Collecting and analyzing information saves you from costly experiments, and the haunting fear of getting lost disappears - both symbolically and concretely. Less things to be pissed off about.

However, information can also be misused.

At the same time, several experts wondered how valuable information was retrieved and processed at random: poured into separate containers, mixed with a stick, and forgotten in archives. Data that could change the world.

No attempt is even made to combine the contents of the containers, as it is considered tricky. Even if they are combined, the correlations, the causalities, and fantasies are mixed into a colorful mass. Then the meaning of the results is being guessed.

In the end, the one with the biggest badge has to take responsibility and make the decision based on the data mash. A decision that could impact thousands of lives or even the future.

This type of splurge that goes on year after year gives us the worst headache.

Experts often snarl about this with each other. How is it possible that we have information about everything and its location within our reach, but we do not know how to combine, understand the relationship between the variables, analyze data objectively and illustrate the findings? This needs to change!

When the right people are talking, the snarl could start sounding like a business idea. That is what happened here.

Advian, the shortcut to success, was born.

In the future, no one could ever blame the lack of knowledge or lack of understanding for making bad decisions.




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