How to create the best workplace for IT professionals

A nurturing and supporting working environment leads to happy, motivated, and engaged employees that are likely to stay longer in the company. On the other hand, in an environment where sufficient investments aren’t being made in the overall well-being of the employees, competence development, and people-centered management, human debt starts to grow.

How would the best workplace in the world look like if it would be created by the employees themselves? Which factors are critical for a great working environment? Why not ask Advian’s IT professionals themselves and see what they value.

In addition to taking care of hygiene factors, IT professionals tend to look out for opportunities for personal growth, autonomy, meaningful work, and a strong community.

Personal growth

Within the realms of technology and data, nothing stands still. It’s an ever-changing world, and IT professionals alike have to keep up with the latest updates in diverse technologies. Not only is it important to give employees an opportunity to keep their skills up to date, but also to give them room for personal development and growth within their desired domain.

“What I like most about Advian is the competence of the team that allows me to grow professionally and personally.” – co-Advian (2021)

A great tool for boosting personal growth is to establish mentorship. The mentee is, among other things, being helped in identifying and achieving career goals and in identifying gaps in skills and knowledge.


What co-Advians really have emphasized as a strong factor for a great working environment, is autonomy. In fact, Advian’s company structure relies quite heavily on autonomy and therefore on its employees’ self-directedness. Instead of setting boundaries for when and where to work, employees should be given the opportunity of working flexibly. Letting go of regular office hours and mandatory office attendances takes the pressure off employees and lets them work when and where they are the most productive.

"The best thing about working at Advian is that there’s a lot of freedom/independence and open-mindedness as well as flexible working time." – co-Advian (2020)

Especially during the odd times of the pandemic, remote work has proven itself to be quite a functional concept from time to time.

Meaningful work

With all the clever data-driven minds in the house, it’s a good idea to make sure that those are given a meaningful purpose. A critical factor for making the job worthwhile is to solve practical problems and make the world a better place using technology and data.

“At Advian I get to work on exciting projects with intelligent people who all share a passion for spatial data and pushing the boundaries with the latest technologies.” – co-Advian (2021)

As for co-Advians, allowing them to leave their fingerprint out in the world gives the job itself a whole new meaningful dimension.

Strong community

Lastly, but by no means the least, no working environment would be complete without a strong and thriving community. Bringing like-minded professionals together offers employees support, increases motivation, and creates a factory of ideas and epiphanies.

”When you work with great and professional colleagues, one never ceases of having fun while working on integrated solutions to tackle problems.”– co-Advian (2021)

A strong community doesn’t just consist of employees, but also the employer. If the employer is aiming high with the goals and standards of the workplace, the efforts are noticed by the employees. The spirit of working together for a common goal of making the workplace the best there is, is one of the main ingredients of building the workplace of any IT professional’s dream.

"The most important thing for me is the culture of the company and the aim of making the workplace as meaningful and pleasurable as possible.” – co-Advian (2021)



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