How to ace your technical interview – 5 tips from Advian's recruiter

An interview for your dream job can be nerve-racking, but with good preparation you are well on your way to landing that job. Being well prepared and knowing what to expect is key. Advian's GIS Data Architect and recruiter Arsi Juote is sharing his do's and don'ts for acing your next technical interview for an IT company. Check out these 5 useful tips below!

1. Relax and be open

Ideally the interview situation is more of a co-created and interactive discussion between peers where both parties can learn from each other rather than a traditional interview. So remember to relax, be open, ask questions and shed a light on your insights.

2. Don't hide your mistakes, embrace them

As with many other things, failures and their aftermaths are often more interesting than success stories. So don't hesitate to bring up tough situations and even mistakes made in the past. We are keen to hear how the situation was resolved, what you learnt and how you reflect upon it today.

The goal for an interview is to learn how you think about technology and the problems often encountered in the industry, rather than just going through a list of technologies you have experience in.

3. Avoid being vague or evasive

Be ready to thoroughly but concisely explain each skill and technology mentioned in your CV with concrete examples. The worst mistake you can make is to only be able to describe your skills vaguely or being evasive about questions.

4. Be honest

Especially about any shortcomings in your expertise, it's important to be clear and sincere about your level of expertise. You will easily get burned if you bloat your CV or try to pull answers out of your hat. This will be a huge red flag for the recruiter even if you aced the interview otherwise.

Sadly, in the past there have been absurd requirements for job positions and procurements in the industry, and some job seekers may have taken this as a hint to make their CVs equally absurd. Don’t fall into this trap.

5. Enjoy the process

If you are given a systems design or coding task during the interview or between them, take it as a learning experience and try to have fun and enjoy the process.

Advian's interview tasks are open ended and you shouldn't stress too much about coming up with the one and only correct answer. We will not ask you to implement quicksort on a whiteboard.



Are you ready for your dream job?

Perfect! Take these tips, show up prepared and ace your next interview.

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