Riikka Hakala | Data Engineer

Riikka Hakala | Data Engineer

Riikka has a master’s degree in electrical engineering, but before studying power systems and energy markets, she worked in media business tinkering with audio technology. However, the mentality of a permanent student that she has, lead her to a new, exciting career among electric power networks and asset management systems.

Today Riikka is a network information system expert who has gained experience with one of the largest companies in energy industry in Finland. Her toolbox includes Trimble NIS & UTG, databases and SQL, FME and Tableau among other things. She also has hands-on experience in network data analytics and data quality related processes.

Riikka is always down to learn new things and has strong communication and people skills with a will to share her knowledge. Also, she is really fun and flexible to work with.

Outside the office hours you might find Riikka on some of her adventures in nature - hiking, on bike or on horse-back. Or just sunken into a couch reading.

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