Omar Hassan | Machine Learning Engineer

Omar Hassan | Machine Learning Engineer

An expert in machine learning and embedded systems who thrives in delivering optimal solution for resource constraint devices.

Omar is a proficient Machine Learning Engineer. Coming from Electrical Engineering background, he is equipped with wide areas of SW-HW integration and debugging skills and can deliver AI solutions on edge compute devices. Omar uses open minded approaches to solve complex problems and he perceives them with belief in Murphy’s Law.

Omar is most passionate about computer vision and visual systems; however, he believes all data carry insightful information. Omar is also passionate about developing Graphical User Interfaces for hardware. His favorite languages to work with are Python, and C++ and using them, he develops machine learning models for production. Omar is proactive about getting things done. He is independent, a critical thinker, and isn’t shy of dealing with problems or technology he hasn’t encountered before.

In his leisure time, he likes to look into new exciting technologies and gadgets. He also enjoys playing video games and jogging.

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