Jens Kreier | Senior Software Architect

Jens Kreier | Senior Software Architect

A globetrotting software expert with a passion for geography, data and people

Jens is a experienced software expert, who has worked in various fields and industries over the past 20 years. His extensive knowledge allows him to connect the dots from both a business and technical perspective. He can quickly learn and utilize new technologies and apply known patterns to achieve fast results. His background in the hospitality industry had him manage international teams in high-profile resorts across Europe and sharpened his social skills – a skill he loves to bring to the table in his work.

Jens has a passion for finding, analyzing and visualizing patterns in data. He loves to mingle with modern approaches to interact with GIS data.

In his free time Jens enjoys golfing, kayaking, fishing and hiking. When time allows, Jens loves to travel the world as a part-time tour manager for different rock bands.

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