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How and why was Advian born?

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The world is filled with inter-dependencies and everything affects everything. By gathering and analyzing the available information the right way, one is saved from expensive missteps and tryouts that lead nowhere.  The fear of getting lost, the one fear shared by all humankind, decreases.

But don’t think that data can’t be used in a wrong way. Data that could really make a difference and change the world, is being mixed up, forgotten and misunderstood. Every single day.

From this ever-growing agony of wasting data, Advian was born. We are united to be your shortcut to success.

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Location Intelligence & External Data

The greatest unexplored gold mines of modern business intelligence lie in location intelligence and external data. Get your hands on the treasure with us. 

Expert in Edge and Real-time Analytics

Whether it is machine vision, video analytics, location intelligence or sensor fusion, we got you covered. Edge is often the only way to produce real-time analytics.

Results, not just empty promises

With us, you will be able to move fast towards your goals. We focus on the success of your business – not to the endless kneading of your data. ​

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Real-time Analytics

Kinetica is an Active Analytics Platform for the Extreme Data Economy. Combine a GPU database, the power of AI and real-time location visualization.
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