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Machinery industry

Machinery manufacturers can gain an unfair competitive advantage with emerging technologies, like machine vision and artificial intelligence.

Emerging technologies in the machinery industry

Manufacturers are currently facing rapid changes in the operating environment and opportunities brought by the digital transition. Emerging technologies help in facing these challenges and opportunities by enabling production resource optimisation, lowered production costs, and increased predictability.

Artificial intelligence combined with Edge computing (Edge AI) enhance manufacturing processes, enabling greater responsiveness, automation, and optimised production. Adding hyperspectral imaging and machine vision, quality assurance processes are boosted through surface analysis, chemical composition detection, and material property identification.

  • Streamline manufacturing processes

  • Enable high-quality products

  • Analyse the surface of products

  • Detect chemical compositions

  • Identify material properties

Streamline processes and level-up quality assurance

Emerging technologies can make your manufacturing processes more intelligent and autonomous. Here is an example of how exactly.

3D model analysis
With highly accurate stereo vision and AI, manufacturers can automate dimensional inspection of products. From a quality assurance perspective, the areas of application are almost countless: Ensuring and identifying correct product measures, profiles and features compared to 3D drawings, automatically detecting dents or parts in need of grinding, automating jig or saw blade inspections, deformation measurements and welding seam inspections.

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Find out how emerging technologies can streamline manufacturing processes and level up quality assurance, and what use cases are most beneficial to your business.

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Smart Factory

Explore the immense potential of edge computing in the machinery industry. Whether it's through AI, automation, data analytics, or other cutting-edge technologies, we'll help you succeed.