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Our webinar series offers concrete case examples for more efficient management of a data-driven smart factory. You get inspiration and tips from the top of the industry, free of charge. Don't miss out - jump in!


Get tips for more effective manufacturing in 20 minutes.

Whether you are a manufacturing professional or simply curious about the cutting-edge technologies shaping our world,
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leading experts.

"The webinar was incredibly insightful and well-organized."
"I found the webinar content highly relevant and valuable."
"Thank you for a fantastic learning experience!"
"I look forward to attending more of your informative webinars."

Did you miss the live broadcast? No worries.

You can find the previous episodes of the series here.

Episode 2: Boosting quality with AI powered 3D inspection

In this episode, we will show you the potential of AI-powered 3D inspection in your production process. Our experts will share their industry knowledge and use concrete case examples.

You will get answers to 3 questions:
1. How can 3D inspection improve the output of your production line?

2. What can automated AI and Machine Vision-powered 3D inspection do?

3. What are the financial benefits of automating 3D inspection with advanced technologies?

Watch this episode and you will learn directly from industry professionals about the potential of AI and Machine Vision in manufacturing.

Episode 1: Edge Computing: The Future of Smart Factories


In this episode, we explore the immense potential of edge computing in the manufacturing industry. Janne Honkonen will guide you through a comprehensive agenda designed to provide valuable insights and practical applications of edge computing in smart factories.

You will get answers to 3 questions:

1. How to ensure the quality of your products through an automated quality assurance process?

2. How to identify bottlenecks in your production process?

3. How to enable condition-based maintenance to minimize downtime and maximize productivity?

Watch this episode and you will discover why the evolution of Industry 4.0, coupled with edge-AI, is not just a matter of staying competitive but a vital survival strategy for manufacturers.

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