Advian EdgeAI

Edge computing and AI near the service - where data is being collected

Real-time predictions and perceptions of the process enable automation and optimization

Advian EdgeAI is a modular solution built for multi-sensor, ultra performance, low latency scenarios with easy and efficient deployment, upgrade and scaling capabilities.
It is designed to be highly adaptable in different environments so you gain value by improving your processes - not changing them because new technology dictates. Modularity enables continuous improvement of existing models and algorithms, and including new capabilities for additional value.

Integrations to your local processes and systems


Data collection from multiple sources with cameras and sensors


Data insights with data fusion and machine learning models

Why Edge AI matters

Being competitive means more than reducing costs – it means continuous improvement and innovation to achieve meaningful change.

Disrupting emerging technologies enable and drive the need to reform and compete in tough competitive environments. Data-driven AI culture makes possible to create impact when needed, more in-depth and with higher accuracy than earlier.

How to get started?


Set goals

Having the long-term vision in mind, we will first set business objectives for the production pilot. Based on the needs Advian will plan, develop and install the solution at premises.


Gather insights

Running the solution in production environment will create insights impossible to get anywhere else. Learn and improve the solution to perform even better. Validate the original business case and create scale up and development roadmap for future.


Scale up and gain value

Capture the full business value by scaling up the solution in your operations. Gain additional value by enhancing and developing capabilities. Advian will provide needed training or maintenance services, so you can focus on running the business.

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Would you like to hear more?

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