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Advian Edge

Enjoy lean and modular plug-and-play solutions

Solve industry challenges without an upfront investment or modifications to production lines. The modular platform gives you endless capabilities to model your environment, gain insights and control processes. In real-time. 

Advian Edge Hubs

Your Industrial Edge AI Platform.

Industrial Quality
Assurance Hub

Ensure high-quality products with automation. Capture the reality, gain insights, control processes and find root causes of quality defects with rich sensor data, machine vision and learning.

Optimization Hub

Collect and connect data from production lines to uncover bottlenecks in the production process, optimise capacity management, and enhance the reliability of your production.

Maintenance Hub

Enable condition-based maintenance to minimize any negative impact on productivity. IoT sensors and AI-driven prescriptive analytics can effectively predict component failures before they occur, and take corrective action.

No upfront investments, no modifications, no fuzz.
Advian Software 1

Industrial Quality Assurance

  • Surface inspection: Inspect surfaces for anomalies or deviations in painted materials, wood, or metal etc.

  • 3D dimension inspection: Real-time analysis of dimensions, volume, and geometries reduces waste and improves quality.

  • Assembly inspection: Ensure correct placement, positioning, and packaging of objects during the process and enable autonomous reactions to deviations.

  • Material characteristics: Identify and categorise different materials based on their chemical composition with hyperspectral vision.

  • Object identification: Identify objects based on their shape, color and other features or their combinations.
  • OCR (AI-powered): Ensure the correctness of printed product information / identification codes with AI-powered OCR, OCV and barcode reading.
Advian Software 2

Production Optimization

  • 2D/3D matching and measuring: Automate labor-intensive tasks, such as dimensional product inspections. Verifying product measurements and profiles, detect solder paste amounts, inspect glass substrate flaws, and identifying components using 3D analysis before assembly.

  • Automated NDT: Automating non-destructive testing (NDT) eliminates manual, time-consuming processes that demand specialised skills and equipment. This includes automating welding seam analyses, sanding processes targeting welding anomalies, and deploying ultrasound, robots, and drones for complex inspections, even in challenging environments.

  • Warehouse & yard optimisation: Enhances warehouse and factory yard operations by optimising transportation routes, for instance improving forklift traffic, ensuring seamless supply chains and preventing production interruptions due to missing parts.

  • Automated inventory management: Identify vital factors and parameters to predict the yields and capacity of you production.

  • Production flow analysis: Identify bottlenecks in the production process, optimise resources needed, and improve the traceability of products and component.

Advian Software 4-1

Prescriptive Maintenance

  • Prescriptive maintenance: Minimise unplanned downtime and support just-in-time maintenance by detecting gradual production data changes. For real-time device failure prevention, especially with multiple sensor inputs, an Edge AI solution is essential.
  • Accident prevention: Edge AI can automate the prevention of various safety issues, for instance, workers being dangerously close to moving vehicles or dangerous areas. It’s possible to identify extreme hot and cold areas, oil and gas leaks, fire and smoke, slippery or wet ground, and detect over capacity, wrong-way motion, or speeding.
  • Control welding jig: Control welding jig measures and make necessary corrective actions
  • Overloading detection: Analyse power, voltage, vibration, sound and other sensors to detect overloading in advance
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Turn possibilities into reality

In a world where adaptability and cost-efficiency are paramount, we present a module-based platform that offers unparalleled flexibility.

We have harnessed the power of machine learning and deep learning and compiled a library of pre-trained models, making complex tasks more accessible than ever.

With the ability to configure and use the platform to your specific needs, it's a game-changer for manufacturers seeking to optimise their operations.

Advian Software 1

Modular subscription based on need

A modular platform built for multi-sensor, ultra performance, and low latency scenarios. Easily accessible and scalable with flexible subscription model.


Advian Software 2

No need for an upfront investment

Staying competitive requires the use of smart manufacturing solutions. Lack of labor requires the use of automation. 

Advian Software solutions

One highly adaptable

Designed to be highly adaptable in different environments so you gain value by improving processes not changing them because of new technology.

Advian Software 4-1

Easy and fast
to deploy into processes

Easy, efficient and secure deployment with upgrade and scaling capabilities. Modularity enables rapid development of a suite of industrial Edge AI applications.

Your go-to solution for customized applications

Advian Edge presents a smart factory solution available through a subscription model, providing manufacturers with both cost efficiency and flexibility, eliminating the requirement for an initial upfront investment.

Simplifying Industrial Edge Solutions

Advian Edge is your go-to solution for customized applications in industrial edge environments and vehicles.

Our modular, adaptable platform ensures reliability and efficiency while enabling rapid development of Edge AI applications.

  • Multiple use cases supported in one solution
  • No modifications required to production lines
  • Lifecycle extension of existing equipment
  • Easy and fast to deploy






Advian Software 4

A Modular Platform with Endless Capabilities

Advian Edge is easy, efficient and secure to deploy, upgrade and scale according to your unique needs.

There's no need for an upfront investment, or modifications on your production lines – enjoy a lean modular plug-and-play solution.

Edge AI Core platform

Unparalleled ability to model our environment, gain insights and control processes in real-time.


An unparalleled way to capture reality around us with unlimited sensors and exact location.

Support for multiple sensors/interfaces like IoT, cameras, PLC or OPC UA.


The most effective AI capability to gain insights from real-time data at the edge.

Pre-trained machine learning models, sensor fusion and computer vision.


An intelligent automatic real-time control of devices and processes.

Interfaces to most common I/O, industrial automation solutions.

Docker embedded

Fast deployment, modularity and maintainability. Each component in a separate container. System recovery management.

In-build security

WireGuard / encrypted VPN. Dockerizing - hardened with AppArmor when needed. Local offline AD cache.

No modifications required to production lines.
Advian Software 1

Configuration management

NixOS based. Common functionality and customer specific functions separated to different layers.


Advian Software 2

Device management

Over-the-air software, credentials and machine learning model updates.

Advian Software solutions

Solution management

Over-the-air software, credentials and machine learning model updates.

Advian Software 4-1


Active Directory replication to local edge cache.

Extend the life of your equipment, saving you resources and reducing waste.

How Advian Edge Solves Industry Challenges

In the Western industrial landscape, staying competitive calls for the adoption of smart manufacturing solutions, but they can be a costly and complex puzzle.

To address labor shortages, automation is a necessity, and machines are becoming increasingly intelligent.

So, why is the implementation of smart factory and industry 4.0 solutions lagging behind?

Challenge 1: Smart factory solutions are expensive

Solution: Advian Edge is a subscription-based smart factory solution that offers manufacturers flexibility and cost efficiency. There's no need for an upfront investment.

Challenge 2: Manufacturers lack key skills

Solution: The use of Advian Edge is uncomplicated and easy. Our competent experts will ensure that you know exactly what to do.

Challenge 3: Currently, there are only point solutions on the market

Solution: Advian Edge is not built around a fixed sensor or specifically for one use case only. The platform is highly adaptable in different environments to include as many modules and use-cases as needed.

Challenge 4: Deployment of current solutions are time consuming and require modifications

Solution: The implementation and deployment of the Advian Edge platform doesn't require modifications on production lines, and can be done as quickly as in a couple of weeks.

Challenge 5: Current solutions are isolate, not integrated
Solution: Advian Edge bridges the gap between IT and OT. The platform can easily connected to IT-systems and integrated in existing processes.

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