Boost Manufacturing Performance with Edge AI

Ready applications for Smart Factory

Advian Smart Factory answers to major trends impacting the manufacturing industry - connectivity, intelligence and flexible automation.
The following scenarios can be deployed as stand-alone solutions or combined for maximum benefit. Our analytics software comes with optimized sensors and hardware, as well as secure data transfer.

Production Optimization

Production processes are kept stable, the most efficient production method and the use of raw materials are found by utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Use motion, temperature, and climate sensors to adjust lighting, cooling, and other environmental controls to make the most efficient use of energy. IoT sensor data can also monitor the condition of machinery, speeding up or slowing down operations to optimize usage, in real-time.

Quality Control

Ensure quality of manufactured products by leveraging machine learning combined with sensors and machine vision alongside of production line.

Predictive Maintenance

By using IoT sensors and AI based predictive analytics identify when components are about to fail, ensuring that they can be replaced just in right time. Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) based production simulation,
inspection and maintenance eliminates downtime and reduces maintenance expenses.

Distributed Learning

The process industry generates huge amounts of data. By linking data from similar production facilities, the amount of data on which machine learning is based can be multiplied and knowledge transfer accelerated. Single site
deviations, special situations and breakthroughs can be utilized to optimize other production sites – and reducing time and costs related to ramping-up new ones.

Real-time Positioning

Avoid delays by having an accurate real-time visibility to all parts for each order. Stay in control - know potential issues in advance.

Automated Inventory Management

Automated & accurate material inventory within warehouse / factory yard based intelligent positioning. More accurate asset management and increased visibility into operations will enable manufacturing companies to identify
processes that need to be improved. Utilize AR powered warehouse operations to eliminate mistakes and speed up processes.

Automated Volume Counting

Calculate automatically volumes of crushed stone, timber, woodchips etc. for fast and accurate warehouse management.

Warehouse & Yard Optimization

Monitor routes and movements of forklifts and goods in warehouses and factory yards to optimize workflows. Use of VR in floor planning.

Advian Smart Factory is based on Advian’s cutting edge AI engine, a computer independent, real time technology solution that
enables to run most advanced analytics on the edge devices.


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