Smart Factory Discovery

Monetize the opportunities of IoT, Machine Vision, and AI.

Advian's Smart Factory Discovery concept - the roadmap to results

The savings and benefits of AI and emerging technologies can be difficult to quantify. Let us bring facts to the table to support your business case and prioritize development activities.


1. Reduce costs with automated quality assurance

smaller - edge ai smart factory discovery

2. Increase productivity by leveraging real-time process data


3. Avoid production outages by categorizing materials based on their chemical composition


4. Eliminate waste in operations


5. See the big picture and find undiscovered correlations by breaking down data silos


6. Build a foundation for additional AI and machine vision use cases

Smart Factory Discovery
in a Nutshell

Focus your development on the right place & discover opportunities that haven't yet crossed your mind. 

Business Objectives

We will:

  • Get familiar with your business processes and identified challenges.
  • Find potential Smart Factory use cases.
  • Verify business potential per use case.
  • Create prioritized Smart Factory Development Roadmap.
  • Gather material for detailed planning: such as technical restrictions, sensor installation options, etc.




  • We'll organize a planning meeting with your business owner
  • We will get familiar with your business

The Day On-site

  • Workshop
  • Factory visit

Results Session

  • Our proposal for Smart Factory Roadmap


You will get:

  • A proposal for a comprehensive solution
  • A roadmap for Smart Factory development - with spearhead solutions and cost estimates
  • Detailed proposal for chosen use case with a technical solution, detailed cost estimate and business case calculation frame

Smart Factory eBook

It’s Time to Enable Your Smart Factory with Real-Time Edge AI.

Why the evolution of Industry 4.0 with Edge AI is a matter of survival for manufacturers? How Edge AI revolutionizes quality inspection? Which Smart Factory use cases may benefit your business?

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Why Advian?


All-Inclusive Expertise

Get the full house - what separates us from the rest is our expertise in manufacturing business, edge computing & electronics, machine learning, embedded software development and the ability to build a two-way communication with machines.


Eyes on the Horizon

There are many solutions on the market, that only serve one specific purpose. Our Edge AI powered solutions are made to fit your operating environment, and they are easy to modify and expand with different functionalities.


Capture the Value

Our goal is to deliver results that have actual monetary value to your business. With our unique approach, common ground is reached faster: we bring facts to the table to support your business case, find quick fixes and prioritize development activities.

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