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Product Quality Assurance

Leave your costly, unreliable, and manual quality control behind with automation.
Fulfil all your in-line quality assurance needs with one solution.


High quality

Strengthen your competitive edge with high-quality products.


Improved yield

Identify vital factors and parameters on your production line to reduce scrap and improve your yield.


Time and costs savings

Automate quality control processes to make time and cost savings.

High-quality products with automated quality assurance

Unlike manual and traditional point solutions, our Smart Factory approach to product quality assurance is based on capturing the reality with the most suitable sensors – camera, 3D, hyperspectral, microwave, or ultrasound. The rich sensor data is used to gain real-time insights with machine vision, sensor fusion and machine learning.

This enables you to finding root-causes of quality defects, controlling processes automatically, guiding users, and providing input to operational systems.


  • Capture the reality with the most suitable sensors

  • Get real-time insights from rich sensor data

  • Control processes or give user feedback to enable end-to-end optimisation

Capture, get insights and control

Why Edge AI?

Our Smart Factory solutions are based on a combination of edge computing and artificial intelligence. Going under the term Edge AI, the technology opens completely new possibilities to manufacturers.

What is Edge computing?

Edge computing can make existing manufacturing processes more intelligent and autonomous. By moving computing closer to the edge of the network, for instance, to the production equipment, these automated manufacturing systems are now not only able to act by themselves without human intervention, but also to react and make decisions based on changes in circumstances.

What can AI do?

Artificial intelligence, especially machine learning, not only enables the software at the edges to detect patterns in the data it receives, but also to learn about correlations between data patterns and desired outcomes. When we let a computer analyse data and draw conclusions, we can give it positive or negative feedback so that over time the software will more often draw the desired conclusions.

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