Artificial Intelligence and Edge Analytics

Through Artificial Intelligence, we’ll help your organization to create truly intelligent processes. We’ll embed AI into your business processes and automate your decision making.

We will produce the models needed for

  • detecting deviations, such as frauds and defects
  • predicting events and trends
  • assessing risks
  • optimizations and simulations

by using advanced analytics techniques such as machine learning.

We will help you to utilize real-time IoT data in your business and enjoy the benefits to the fullest with the help of machine learning.

We will take your analytics to the edge – whether it is about video analytics, sensor fusion or machine learning, we got you covered.

Our offering also covers location intelligence, image and video analytics as well as text analytics solutions.

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Smart Factory Discovery

Monetize the opportunities of IoT, Machine Vision and AI.

Get started with Edge AI

Book a free half-hour telephone conversation with us, so we can brainstorm together how Edge AI solutions could benefit your business, what kind of use cases are feasible in your situation and what kind of challenges different implementations might have. 👇


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