Production Optimization

Increase productivity, decrease waste and costs by leveraging data. 

Increasing visibility to operations and understanding interdependencies between sub processes provide the means to make impactful business decisions. 

Utilizing the power of data will help to optimize production processes, throughput and remove waste and other limitations. 

Break the data silos

The amount of available data in manufacturing can be overwhelming. And when it comes to analysis, it can get extremely difficult. 

A lot of already collected data is not utilized to its full capacity. See the big picture and find undiscovered correlations by breaking down data silos. Additionally, start collecting data from process parts executed manually. Think holistically and act practical. Avoid only sub optimizing your processes and instead shift your focus on the entire product lifecycle. 

Automate Operations

Latest technology can increase the level of automation cost-efficiently.

Automation and robotics will have increasingly more valuable use cases today and in the future. Removing bottlenecks caused by manual operations such as visual inspections can increase the throughput drastically. Even though everything cannot still be automated; machine visionother sensors, machine learning and advanced analytics adapted in the process can be used to automate process parts.  

Make the right decisions in realtime

With all the relevant information, machines are better than humans at making consistent and right decisions based on data.  

Transforming existing manufacturing processes more intelligent and autonomous enables better responsiveness, agility and transparency for business. Moving computing and artificial intelligence close to factory floor enables systems to make decisions by themselves without human intervention. Providing real-time and relevant data insights allow people in all levels of production to see and understand full process and act proactively. 


What is Advian EdgeAI?

Edge computing and AI near the service - where data is being collected. 

Would you like to hear more?

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