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High-Tech & Electronics industry

Boost manufacturing quality with emerging technologies that make autonomous decisions, inspect 3D products and surfaces, and much more.

Emerging technologies in the high-tech and electronics industry

Artificial intelligence combined with Edge computing bring manufacturers countless opportunities to improve and automate their manufacturing processes and to ensure high-quality products. Manufacturers are now able to, for example, optimise production and storage, prevent industrial accidents, and enable just-in-time maintenance.

Adding machine vision to give the technology the ability to see, you can further speed up decision making and automate for instance the identification of quality issues on product surfaces.



  • Increase predictability

  • Lower production costs

  • Automate quality assurance

  • Inspect product surfaces

Boost manufacturing quality

The areas of application for emerging technologies to boost manufacturing performance and quality are almost endless. Here's one example:

Completeness inspection

With Edge AI, the quality of assembly work can be improved by ensuring that no parts are missing from the product, the product is free of defective parts, the orientation of components is correct, or that the product is assembled in the correct order. 

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Learn how emerging technologies can guarantee high-quality products and improve manufacturing processes, and what use cases are most beneficial to your business.

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