Document the exact location of underground cables in an instant.
A faster and more cost-efficient way of documenting the location of underground cables. 

Groundhawk revolutionizes documenting the exact locations of electrical and telecommunications cables in underground contracting. The new method is more accurate and meets the requirements of 10 cm accuracy in x,y,z.  

Using the device does not require any previous measurement skills. The contractors who are already on-site can perform the measurements. Since the information is delivered immediately, the project documentation can also be completed right after the actual construction is ready. When the network owner gets the newly built network handed over rapidly, also the invoicing throughout the subcontracting chain can be shortened significantly.


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Save on measurement costs

You do not need a separate measurement team or expensive equipment investments. The construction contractor can document the location of the cables.


Required measurement accuracy

Measure when the ditch is open. Measurement accuracy is <10 cm (X, Y, Z), and the measurement meets e.g. Traficom M71 requirements.


Image data for quality assurance

Image data from switching points, distribution cabinets, and frost protection immediately shows that the work is done correctly and with high quality. Image data is also easily transferred to quality documentation, thus saving time and effort.


Speed up the completion of contracts

The measurement data can be immediately transferred to the network owner’s Network Information System (NIS). The documented network can also be handed over and billed, usually up to months earlier than before.

Groundhawk combines a smartphone with an add-on for accurate positioning.

Using Groundhawk is as easy as taking a video of a cable ditch. Accurate 3D modeling, machine vision, and accurate positioning take place in the background. The cable's location information and photographs are transferred to the cloud immediately after shooting, where they are post-processed. You can instantly download the vector files required for the network information system.

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