Taking care of the planet we all live in is not only a responsible act – it is a prerequisite by customer expectations
Getting better insights from the operations will help to reach climate goals.

Most of the manufacturing companies have already taken carbon neutrality and sustainable operations as key strategic initiatives. Sustainability is not only a competitive advantage but a demand from customers in order to engage in business relationships. Data insights and emerging technologies, such as Edge AI, can assist on the path towards carbon neutrality.  

Minimize the lifecycle impact

Data and emerging technologies play a key role in sustainable value chains. 

Supply chain and logistics, albeit important, are not the complete answer when evaluating the lifecycle impact of any given company. Sustainability covers everything from early research processes to end-of-life activities of a product. Collecting and combining data from all the different life cycle phases helps to understand and highlight possible bottlenecks. Often the sum of the whole lifecycle is greater than individual parts alone. 

Reduce waste

Reducing or even removing waste is critical in many activities.

Waste exists in multiple forms; for example, materials used in manufacturing, excess work due mistakes, idling in logistics or poor product quality affecting end user operations. Opportunities enabled by edge analytics, machine learning and computer vision transform existing processes to more automated and intelligent. Reducing or removing defects caused by human mistakes or missing control points can eliminate waste created in the operations.

Measure where you are and set goals

It is important to understand current situation: How carbon neutral we are? Can we factually measure our baseline? Do we grasp all components in the life cycle? 

Setting the goal to 1,5 degrees by 2030 is a great vision. In order to get there, you need to know where you stand today. Utilizing collected data either from existing systems or new technology solutions makes it possible to start measuring the progress and set milestones. Leading the needed change with holistic approach combined with factual data insights gives proactive tools to reach climate goals. 

Advian EdgeAI

Edge computing and AI near the service - where data is being collected. 

Let us help to make your operations more sustainable with insights from data and emerging technologies

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