Real-time Analytics Platform for Extreme Data

As the amount of data and the number of data sources increase, traditional analytics platforms fall short on performance.

Think of a situation where you have to ingest high velocity streaming data from dozens, even hundreds, of data sources, combine that to a massive history data, perform advanced analytics on all that data, and deliver results in real-time. No traditional data warehouse can tackle the challenge.


A completely new paradigm is needed.

Kinetica is a GPU-accelerated database with unparalleled performance, built to combine a GPU database, real-time location visualization, and the power of AI. It is the Active Analytics Platform for the Extreme Data Economy.

Kinetica for Telecommunications

Telcos are looking to grow from merely providing the infrastructure for the digital economy to powering the whole thing. Competition and consolidation are pressuring telcos to develop their services further. With Kinetica, you can optimize your network, increase your operational efficiency and analyze network performance in real-time.

Market forces combined with the rise of 5G and IoT drive demand for new active analytical solutions that can help telcos accelerate their transformation and better serve the public and their customers.

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Kinetica for Finance

Solve the analytics challenges in Finance. Fluctuating economic conditions, ever growing technical demands and rough competition challenge the financial services and insurance sectors. Modernizing the analytics infrastructure help unlock the large volumes of data available to financial services to overcome these challenges.

Active analytics powers advanced risk solutions, new data-driven services and products, and AI applications that can help to strengthen the core business activities and reduce costs.

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Kinetica for Utilities and Energy

Kinetica provides a real-time picture, empowering machine learning models to identify potential asset failures before they occur, reduces maintenance costs and unscheduled downtime and enables utilities to build the smart cities of the future. With the help of Kinetica, you get a complete 360-degree view of your customer to develop new sales and marketing opportunities and reduce customer churn. 

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Customers want it now and not tomorrow. With Kinetica’s Active Analytics Platform, you can act and decide based on real-time retail data in sub-seconds to optimize customer engagement and inventory as it enters and exits the floor.

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Logistics solutions

The world’s largest logistics organizations rely on Kinetica for real-time optimization of their operations. Kinetica ingests fast-moving data from logistics networks in constant stream to deliver decision-ready analysis: from vehicles, sensors, location, personnel, weather, traffic, demand and supply. Optimize supply chain and routing, and view and track your deliveries in real-time. 

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Unleash Extreme Data with us

When extreme data requires you to act with unforeseen agility, Kinetica powers business in motion.

Advian is your Kinetica partner in the Nordic countries. We help you to maximize the benefits of your active analytics platform and real-time analytics. Learn more from Kinetica resources and book your free custom demo with us!

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